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Step Parents of the Bible – Part 1

As a stepmom, I have often fallen into the trap of doubting my significance, wondering what my role is, and allowing the voices of others to drown out the voice I’ve been given in my boys’ lives. For many years, I failed to realize that the voice and authority I have is not the same as their biological parents. It is unique. Something only I can bring to the table.
I got to a point in the last couple of years where I really had struggled with this long enough. I was tired of shaming myself for not doing enough, doing or saying too much, and constantly being in state of “limbo”. I am not sure why I had not thought of this earlier, but I thought I would ask God (and my friends Tiffany and Jon Michael, pastors to one of our church’s campuses). I found that God has so much love for blended families and stepparents! Of course, He knew we would need a reference for this dynamic and has been so generous to provide it right in His Word.
If you have been struggling with similar feelings toward your role in your family, I want to encourage you today and show you exactly what God says about us.