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National Sons Day – When They Aren’t “Yours”

had almost let the day pass with my mind made up that I would not get to participate in this thing everyone is posting about today. I had believed a lie that it was not my right to claim these handsome fellas as sons. LIES.

I just re-read the lineage of Jesus in the book of Matthew (y’all know ya skipped it too! Go back and read it! 🫣). It is undeniable that Jesus was placed in Joseph’s lineage, giving him the legal right to fill the role of Messiah. Joseph was under no illusions about where and BY WHOM Jesus was conceived, yet received the legal right to call Jesus his son. (Matt. 1:20-24)

I’m saying all that to say this: #HappyNationalSonsDay to the only sons that I have been given and am proud to call mine.

“And Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Christ.”

-Matthew 1:16 CSB

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