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Can This Valley Of Dry Bones Live?

Once in a while, it’s good to be in a situation where we have zero power. Just as God showed Ezekiel when he took him to a valley of dry bones. Firstly, it is to recognize that we don’t have the power to change the situation. Secondly, is to understand that God is the only one who can change it.

Impossible Situation: When we married our spouse, most of us were full of hope and had an entire plan laid out of what our marriage would look like, and what our role as stepparents would look like…. What their bio parents’ role would look like – seems funny doesn’t it?

 Most of us believe wholeheartedly that God has plans for us! We tell ourselves God has a plan, but rarely ask Him what the plan IS!. It sounds so simple, but many times I have enthusiastically believed that God was working it out, but one hundred percent not even allowing Him into the situation. It’s kind of funny to look at a visual representation of that!

The reason we may not even think to allow Him into a situation is because it looks like it’s over. It looks like there’s nothing to be done. A VALLEY OF DRY BONES. In our blended family dynamics, we rely heavily on the cooperation of multiple people. I used to think “well, they’re not doing what I told them to do, so I guess this dysfunction will have to continue until THEY change…”

oof. Good Grief!

First of all, I am happy I at least understood that I could not control others. Great Start :). However, I made the mistake of believing:

1st: THEY were the only ones that needed to change and all of my ideas were the “right” way to handle things. No wonder they would not cooperate!

2nd: That God was incapable of softening their heart or mine.

3rd. That I was in charge of the changing and had the power to do so.

God gave Ezekiel the power and even the exact words needed to revive that valley of dry bones.

This was only possible because Ezekiel recognized that He had no power to do so. It seems like a backward concept, but God empowers needy people. People who understand their need for Him.

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