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Happy International Women’s Day!

God is within her, she will not fail. Ps. 43 vs 5.


Hod has been so gracious to intersect my path with several women both in every phase of my life. I am so grateful for every one of them.


It starts with my mother (far left, really big smile 🥰) who was pregnant with me during a particularly difficult time in her life, yet never wavered in her resolve to make sure she brought me into (and kept me in) a stable environment. Knowing what I know today, it was not easy. She had God in her and she did not fail because my purpose and assignment in life has everything to do with those early choices she made. Right down to how she named me. It describes me perfectly ❤️.

My mom (far left) and all of her sisters

To all of my aunts (also pictured. Yes. All of Those women are my mom’s sisters 😳). I know God placed each of you in my life so that I had plenty V of examples of how to be who God called me to be. There’s something I inherited from each of you that I treasure. ❤️


To every woman outside of my family whom God has used to change the trajectory of my life: thank you! God was and is within you, you did not fail, why because your influence and encouragement pointed me straight to Jesus. 🙌


To all of the #stepmoms, bio moms, and women who are out there and at at a crossroad, feeling like a failure – the fact that you are reading this says: God is within you and you WILL. NOT. FAIL.

You have inherent innate abilities to do great things in life for you and for the people around you, especially women. Look around , celebrate what God is about to birth in you. 👣👣👣👣👣

-Kelly ⁣

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