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Join Me For A Year of Identity In The Seasons Of Love

In January, I launched a challenge on my Instagram based around identity. God had really lit a fire in me regarding this area of my life at the end of 2019 and how it effected my role as stepmom. I was really excited to take the month of January and share what I had learned with other blended families!

I am not sure why I thought I could squeeze over a year’s worth of revelation into a single month! So what I’m going to be doing is spreading this out over each month of 2021. I am so excited to dive deep into who God says we are with each of you!

As stated previously, Identity is something I went all in with God on last year. He had started to show me bits and pieces of what He wanted me to know about who He created me to be back in 2017. Actually, I am certain He has always been communicating this to my heart, I just didn’t know how to hear Him. Unfortunately, and I’m sure you can relate, it took a series of crises in my life to get me to finally ask “What is my purpose?”.

I’ll tell bits and pieces of this story throughout the year, but first I want to ask you: Do you know God’s original intent for your life? This journey for me ,though it began this way, was not just about finding my ideal occupation or “thing” I was supposed to be doing. Up to that point, I had been successful in my career and knew what I had been given the grace to do for a season. I wanted to know what God had in mind when He created me.

  • What were all of my gifts that I had written off as weird or socially awkward?
  • What personality traits had I been stuffing down in attempt to be “normal”?
  • Why did He put me in the family that I had been born into? And more importantly, what value were those family members supposed to be adding that I had ignored?

I asked many more questions that I will be sharing throughout the year, but the overarching theme of this journey will be to discover how God intended for us to advance His kingdom with everything that He placed inside of us. This will not be a journey that ends with a list of personality traits and attributes that bolster our confidence. My hope is that it starts an abiding relationship between you and your creator and savior that ultimately shows you how to point others to HIM.

The truth is, it is really hard to effective as a stepmom if I have no idea who I am. Several times I have found myself trying to be someone I’m not, getting distracted by hurt feelings or insecurity, or just plain old surviving because I had not bothered to ask God what HE wanted me to do for my family. No blended family looks or functions the same. We all have different roles within our homes and things that we find within our scope of responsibility. The absolute best thing we can do for everyone involved is to partner with The One who created us and ask what Role He would have us to play. This starts with knowing who we are. If we are rooted in the God who created us and His word, then nothing can pull us away from the role we were born to play. Insecurities don’t seem to be such an obstacle and we aren’t so concerned with pleasing everyone around us.

Who’s excited?!!! I am certainly excited for whoever would like to take this journey together over the next year. Here is what you can expect each week to help you along the way:

  • A weekly blog with a focused topic (each month will have a theme of which I will be announcing tomorrow).
  • Two scriptures each week to focus on and discuss
  • Printable bible study notes for each weekly verse
  • Weekly live discussions on the Instagram page
  • Wait for it….. A PODCAST!!!!! More details to come on this front, but I’m very excited to get this off the ground!

In the mean time, I would love for you to invite anyone else you think would like to join us, even if they are not in a blended family. This is something God wants us all to discover!

Until Next Time!


2 thoughts on “Join Me For A Year of Identity In The Seasons Of Love”

  1. I LOVE the part about an “abiding relationship”. Spending time in the presence of God in a true relationship to him – there is no substitute for him to point out to you WHO you are and WHOSE you are and WHO he is to you! I love that you are sharing how you only have to be who you are, with your gifts and talents. God placed me in my family and gave me the child with the exact soul I needed and who needed me. I love the “partnering with the father to show you your purpose and letting him guide you to crush obstacles, quash insecurities, hurts, feelings of pain, etc. Love that so much!! Very well written and insightful.

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