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Join Me Live Tonight!

Have you ever been doing something like singing into a hairbrush or acting out a scene in the mirror and you discover your mom or siblings are spying on you… and laughing?

No? Just me? Well let me tell you, this scene played out pretty often for me as a child. when this happened, I felt instant shame or embarrassment. No one ever said these words, but I wasn’t sure if I was just bad at what I was trying to do or if it was just something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. Was I not normal ? Did other people not do this? Do you see this downward spiral playing out?

With each instance, a part of me tucked the gift or desire I was doing my best to express at such a tender age waaay back into what I call “the vault”. Meaning, I on some level made the decision that those desires to sing or give a good “speech” 🤭 slowly were no longer part of my makeup. Because people that do those things get laughed at. And with that, those ways in which God originally designed me went unused. Forgotten. Buried. Until recently! This has been a journey back to myself and I want to talk to you about getting YOURSELF back!

Join me tonight at 8:30 pm CST on Instagram Live as we talk about closing the door on that original shame! Bring a friend and get in the drawing for a prize!!


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