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Holiday exhaustion?

The holidays can deplete us emotionally and we tend to beat ourselves up about our family dysfunction or that we didn’t have the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas.
Well, be encouraged because neither did Jesus! Check out the video I did Christmas Eve morning on my blended family page to encourage some stepmoms about the chaos of the first Christmas.

Hi there!

I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful! We had probably the most relaxing Christmas we’ve ever had just because we made a decision as a family to not do all of the running around that we normally do. It’s exhausting!

In case you did not have such a peaceful and relaxing day, I wanted to share some encouragement with you: Jesus’ birth was neither relaxing nor peaceful!

I shared about this on my Instagram page on Christmas Eve and am posting the link here for you guys to go back and watch. Be encouraged!

Love you all and Happy New Year!

By Barefoot & Childless

Welcome to the Barefoot & Childless Facebook page! Our mission is to use my "childless" status to encourage you all by sharing my raw and transparent experience as a childless stepmom and to support blended families any way I can!

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