Stepmom Advice

The Resurrection

I bet ya’ll thought I started a blog and gave up huh? It’s ok. Go ahead and say yes. Nobody can hear you silently agreeing. I’m being funny, but I do want to acknowledge that It’s been a while since I posted. 

I have blog posts written and ready to post, but I was holding myself back. You see, my previous blog posts were all about how we made our situation amicable. How we all became friends and everything was fine. We’re FINE. While that was true at the time I was posting, I quit when things got rocky. Things took a turn for many reasons, but mainly because raising kids is HARD. It’s hard with two people who DIDN’T get divorced and add to that a divorce and two new spouses and you might have a dormant volcano just waiting to erupt. 

I’ve waited a long time to post because in all transparency I was ashamed. I was ashamed that we “had it all together” and suddenly we didn’t. I also wanted to be very careful about what I shared, so I shared nothing. That was not my smartest move and it ends today. How can I be a credible resource at all if you know about my mountain tops, but not my valleys? I want to make you a few promises for what this blog will look like as I share in the future:

  1. Going forward, I will hold personal details close the vest to cover my family and respect their privacy, but there will always be something to learn in those situations. 
  2. I will not leave things out to protect others’ feelings. That produces a watered-down experience and it really helps no one. I didn’t start a blog to hear myself talk. I really wanted to help blended families.
  3. I will share from the perspective of who GOD says I am as a stepmom. Why HE gave these children to me and what that looks like in my life. Again, I won’t water it down to keep others feeling good about who they are to my kids, their kids, or whoever. 

If we are going to successful in our blended families, the WHOLE truth is necessary. Please hear me. I am not saying I am going to air my dirty laundry or anyone else’s all over this blog. Again, who would that help? What I am saying, is I want to let you in on MY experience. Not anyone else’s. I look forward to what is to come!

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