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Valentines day is for the lovers – lovers of the souls of others’ children

I just wanted to quickly share this idea and suggest that it may be a great way to establish a bond with our new blended families or strengthen the bonds we already have. We don’t have the boys every day of the week, so I’m going to leave one for each day, with the day of the week it was written for on their door. I think they will like it. I can sometimes be awkward when Expressing how I feel, so I’m excited for the opportunity to show them exactly how I feel in a way that they can continue to look back on.


1 thought on “Valentines day is for the lovers – lovers of the souls of others’ children”

  1. YES!!! I plan on posting hearts up every day in February too!! What a wonderful way to say how much you love them and the unique qualities that they possess! ❤ 6 children means lots of heart-making 🙂


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