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Holiday exhaustion?

The holidays can deplete us emotionally and we tend to beat ourselves up about our family dysfunction or that we didn’t have the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas.
Well, be encouraged because neither did Jesus! Check out the video I did Christmas Eve morning on my blended family page to encourage some stepmoms about the chaos of the first Christmas.

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What If I’m The Only One Trying?

In previous posts, I've talked about how to be cohesive, or at the very least, civil with your kids' biological mother and that may have left some of you wondering "Well, what if she's not willing?". I'm so glad you asked! I want you to know that is how the majority of Stepmoms feel! Isolated… Continue reading What If I’m The Only One Trying?

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Valentines day is for the lovers – lovers of the souls of others’ children

I just wanted to quickly share this idea and suggest that it may be a great way to establish a bond with our new blended families or strengthen the bonds we already have. We don't have the boys every day of the week, so I'm going to leave one for each day, with the day… Continue reading Valentines day is for the lovers – lovers of the souls of others’ children

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Be Kind Please Rewind

I had two little boys that liked to run and jump over things and then pretend to shoot at each other. I used to try and hover over them and make sure they wouldn't get hurt and it always ended in me screaming "I have to return you to your mother in the condition I found you in!". Do yall have any idea how terrifying it is to have two little lives in your hands that DON'T belong to you and the co-owner don't particularly like you at the time? That's stressful! Praise God it's not that way now.

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Say One More Thing About My Momma…

Let me ask you something. If you have even a decent relationship with your own mother, if some stranger started behaving in a threatening manner toward her, would that offend you or cause you to be cautious around that person? I think a lot of us would down right act out if someone even looked at our momma sideways. Yet, I expected that my relationship with the boys should be completely separated from their loyalty to their mother.

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3 Guaranteed Strategies for Stepmoms to Shut down Bio-Mom For GOOD hear horror stories about mother-in-laws, ex-wives, and new wives constantly. Movies, articles and blogs (like this one) have been made about these things. There are entire online communities dedicated to dealing with these types of relationships. Sadly, it's become a normal part of modern culture.

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God Is Not Shocked By You…

You are not a surprise to your creator. Think about that for just a second…Nothing in this world is happening that shocks Jesus. It may not feel like it, but He has already provided a solution for the thing you are most concerned about! You can trust Him!Feeling unseen? Not shocked.Feeling unvalued as a stepmom?… Continue reading God Is Not Shocked By You…